What is PianoLab?

Curated by Anna Goldsworthy, with contributions from Anne Wiberg, PianoLab is a four-day festival in Adelaide running from November 17-20 2022, in which the nineteenth-century technology of the concert grand piano meets twenty-first-century digital technology for an innovative mash-up of arts disciplines. The program features 15 concerts across a four-day program.

This inclusive celebration of the piano features the full range of the piano including classical, jazz and contemporary music, all set in intimate salon style, hosted in the cutting-edge immersive digital venue, The Lab. Each concert will have digital art to support the program especially curated by each performing artist, using The Lab’s high quality LED screens. 

With a focus on outreach, including emerging artist participation, masterclasses for amateurs and lecture recitals, this festival brings the riches of the piano out of the concert hall and to the community.

Presentation Partners

Presented by The Elder Conservatorium of Music and the J.M. Coetzee Centre of Creative Practice at the University of Adelaide in partnership with Recitals Australia and Light Social Enterprise.

About Light Social Enterprise


A working canvas – the range of experiences it will enable for artists and audiences are as broad as imagination itself. Its purpose is to equip performers and artists with access to ever-evolving immersive technologies, facilitate unique collaborations and underwrite the risk inherent in trying something truly new.

 It began with a significant injection of philanthropic capital from its founders, Nick and Sophie Dunstone, and aims to be self-sustainable in perpetuity. Revenue generated from the bars, restaurant and private events will be folded directly back into supporting artistic development and projects.

Light is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity designed to be a beacon for creativity while maintaining a focus on the well-being of its people. It is a space where creativity, technology and hospitality blend to create breathtaking, innovative experiences.